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System ArchiTECHS and the SSD Program target a specific group of OEM and Service Providers (SPs) who focus on solutions in the Components, small-to-midsized, and VAR space.  Our program is one of the longest standing at Ingram Micro with over 13 years of dedicated reseller and manufacturer support.  Within Ingram Micro, we have a North American sales and technical support team in place to assist you with all of your technical solution needs.


System ArchiTECHS Playbook

Meet our Rock Stars:

Sales Representatives:

Ashley Bledsoe
Support Representative II
ext. 67098  | Ashley.Bledsoe@ingrammicro.com

Taylr Fial
Sr. Support Representative
ext. 66047  | Taylr.Fial@ingrammicro.com

Sharon Fuqua
Sales Representative II
ext. 66431  | Sharon.Fuqua@ingrammicro.com

Gary Garguilo
Sales Representative II
ext. 66460  | Gary.Garguilo@ingrammicro.com

Bridget Kanaley
Support Representative II
ext. 67414  | Bridget.Kanaley@ingrammicro.com

Account Executives:

Pat O’Malley


Jay Price


Garrett Schuler


Melissa Stevens



Emilio Pacheco Jr.
Support Representative
ext. 20185  | Emilio.Pacheco@ingrammicro.com

Kelly Quataro
Support Representative II
ext. 66275  | Kelly.Quataro@ingrammicro.com

Rancy Reyes
Sales Representative II
ext. 20195  | Rancy.Reyes@ingrammicro.com

Michael Romero
Sales Representative
ext. 20194 | Michael.Romero@ingrammicro.com

Cicelyn Santoro
Sales Representative II
ext. 20181  | Cicelyn.Santoro@ingrammicro.com


Ryan Grant
Sr. Director – 714-382-1002

Chris Swenson
Sr. Sales Manager – x66397



Alexa Sikes
Support Representative
ext. 20183 | Alexa.Sikes@ingrammicro.com

Shawn Strobel
Sales Representative
ext. 65050 | Shawn.Strobel@ingrammicro.com

Reginald Swygert
Sales Representative
ext. 67198|Reginald.Swygert@ingrammicro.com

Michael Telles
Sr. Support Representative
ext. 20193 | Michael.Telles@ingrammicro.com

Roman Zamora
Sr. Sales Representative
ext. 67129 | Roman.Zamora@ingrammicro.com


Our portfolio of world-class components manufacturers keeps your business profitable by offering a wide-array of technologies and solutions.  We help simplify your projects by providing assistance from the configuration process to sales to technical support following each integration.

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