Intel SSD 600p Series
Storage Optimized for a Better PC Experience

Take your PC to a new level of responsiveness. Designed for work and play, the Intel SSD 600p series accelerates office applications, 4K video playback, HD content creation and everyday gaming. Compared to traditional hard drives, the Intel SSD 600p Series delivers power efficiency, a small form factor for system flexibility and 17x better performance. The Intel SSD 600p series features the fast PCIe 3 x4 interface and is part of the Intel 3D NAND SSD family of products. The only thing more amazing than Intel technology inside is what you will do with it on the outside.

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Get more performance with less cost.

Get 3x the read speeds at the same cost.

Offers 37% lower cost, 3x better endurance and 15% lower idle power.

Intel SSD DC S3520 Series
The Most Trusted SATA SSD Now on Intel 3D NANDModernize your data center storage and make the switch from HDDs to the Intel SSD DC S3520 Series. As part of the Intel 3D NAND SSD family of products, the Intel SSD DC S3520 Series delivers the unmatched combination of data integrity, performance consistency and drive reliability. With a much lower active write power than the Intel SSD DC S3510 Series, the Intel SSD DC S3520 Series enables the delivery of 35% more rack performance per watt. With a competitive IOPs/$, the Intel SSD DC S3520 Series is the ideal replacement for HDDs.Featuring Breakthrough 3D NAND from Intel
By stacking layers of data storage cells vertically, Intel 3D NAND SSDs create denser storage, delivering significant cost savings and lower-power usage along with greater reliability, speed and overall performance. See how Intel 3D NAND works.

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