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Established in 1985, PNY is a global technology leader dedicated to consumer and business-grade electronics manufacturing. PNY’s product portfolio includes PNY solid state drives,  NVIDIA® Quadro® professional and GeForce® consumer graphics cards, and PNY memory upgrade modules.  All PNY products are designed and built with system integrators in mind to provide advanced application performance, top productivity, and greater power efficiency.


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Eric Hass 
Channel Sales Manager –Distribution | Graphics Group
(714) 470-4668

Robert Corbett
OEM and Distribution Sales Manager  |  Non GPU
(408) 392-4123

Cori Bundenthal
Digital Platforms Manager
(973) 560-5481

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             CS1311                                                 CS900                                                 M.2 CS2030                             ELITE PORTABLE SSD
Mainstream Consumer SSD           Mainstream Consumer SSD               Gaming Enthusiast SSD                  Mainstream Portable SSD


PNY Solid State Drives

PNY SSDs are the next generation in storage technology that offer faster load times, reduced failure rates, greater durability, and less power consumption — resulting in lower total cost of ownership over traditional hard disk drives.

PNY’s extensive testing and rigorous validation process ensures compatibility across various platforms and multiple Operating Systems. Our dedicated sales and technical contacts are available for customer engagements.  For more information contact

 Featured SKUs:

PNY SSDs offer the latest in flash-based technology, providing high performance, endurance and reliability.


PNY CS900 120 GB 2.5″                        PNY CS900 240 GB 2.5″                     PNY CS1311 480 GB 2.5″                  PNY CS1311 960 GB 2.5″
Internal Solid State Drive                     Internal Solid State Drive                  Internal Solid State Drive                 Internal Solid State Drive
SSSD7CS900-120-RB                             SSSD7CS900-240-RB                          SSD7CS1311-480-RB                        SSD7CS1311-960-RB
SKU: 2GV109                                          SKU: 2GV110
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