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PNY’s Commercial product portfolio includes a broad assortment of standard and enterprise level Solid-State Drives, Memory Modules, NVIDIA® Graphics Cards, Flash Memory Cards, USB Flash Drives, and a complete line up of Mobile Accessories.

Reliability & Quality

PNY products are ROHS compliant and go through stringent testing to assure delivery of high quality and reliability. From design verification testing – including accelerated life testing, to extended and industrial temperature testing, test during burn-in (TDBI), application testing, and custom test hardware and software for DRAM and Flash characterization – PNY delivers products to stand up to the most demanding environments.

Service & Commitment

Pre and Post- sales support, US 800 number hotline and email technical support, robust on-line support material and competitive warranties are just a few of the ways PNY delivers unsurpassed Service and Commitment to our customers.

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NEW!  Gaming Perfected GEFORCE GTX 1080



Ultimate Gaming Platform

NVIDIA’s new flagship GeForce GTX 1080 is the most advanced gaming GPU on the planet. Driven by the new NVIDIA Pascal architecture, the GeForce GTX 1080 delivers the amazing performance, innovative new gaming technologies, and immersive, next-gen VR.


Next-Gen Gaming Technologies – NVIDIA Pascal

GeForce GTX 1080 uses the power of Pascal to meet the demands of the latest displays, including VR, ultra-high-resolution, and multiple monitors. It features NVIDIA GameWorks technologies for smooth gameplay and cinematic experiences, as well as revolutionary 360-degree image capture—even in VR.



The flagship GeForce GTX 1080 is a quantum leap in performance and power efficiency. It’s built using ultra-fast FinFET and high-bandwidth GDDR5X technologies, and supports DirectX 12 features for the fastest, smoothest, most power-efficient gaming experiences.


VR Ready

Discover next-generation VR performance, the lowest latency, and plug-and-play compatibility with leading headsets—driven by NVIDIA VRWorks technologies. VR audio, physics, and haptics let you hear and feel every moment.


Groundbreaking New Design

The new GeForce GTX 1080 is meticulously crafted to offer superior heat dissipation using an advanced vapor chamber and premium materials, so it runs as cool as it looks.

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